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Raise a Glass, Raise the Bar.

Pouring Progress

Women Led Wineries is about pouring progress, not just wine, and crafting change in the world of food & wine, where only 18% of winemakers in the US are female. These women led wineries lead by example and are helping to pave the way to a more inclusive future. Join us in celebrating these trailblazing women and all who craft alongside them.

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Women Led Wineries Sweepstakes

Congratulations to Our Winners

Our Women Led Wineries Sweepstakes was a meaningful journey! Thanks to all who entered and engaged with the inspiring stories shared by our winemaking team. Stay connected with us to see what's next on our journey as we continue our focus on crafting change in the food & wine industry.

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Trailblazing Women of the Wine Industry

Heidi Bridenhagen MacRostie Winery Head Winemaker

Heidi Bridenhagen

Macrostie winery & dough wines

Kimberlee Nicholls Markham Winery Winemaker

Kimberlee Nicholls

Markham Vineyards

Abigail Estrada TEXTBOOK Wine Maker

Abigail Estrada

textbook vineyards

Taylor Abudi, DV Grower Relations Manager & Viticulturist

Taylor Abudi

Markham Vineyards

Carolina Guerra MacRostie Assistant Winemaker

Carolina Guerra

MacRostie Winery & Dough Wines

Melissa Zeman, Argyle Winery Assistant Winemaker

Melissa Zeman

Argyle Winery

Adrienne Uboldi, Markham Senior Operations Manager

Adrienne Uboldi

Markham Vineyards

Erica Miller Argyle Vineyard Manager

Erica Miller

Argyle Winery

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A Toast to Our Partners

We’re honored to stand alongside partners that share our vision for the future and support the celebration of women who are changing the face of the food & wine industry. Together, we’re raising the bar.
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